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Press release

Public tender offer of PubliGroupe Ltd.: Swisscom's interest at 90.59%

With the bid period closing on 5 August 2014, the final interim results are now available: 71.53% of all PubliGroupe shares involved in the bid were tendered. Swisscom's interest in PubliGroupe upon expiry of the offer period was 90.59%.
Berne, 11 August 2014

The final interim results now available indicate that the conditions of Section 2.7 letters (a), (a stake of at least two-thirds), and (b) of the offer prospectus are met. All other conditions – letters (c) to (k) of Section 2.7 – shall continue to apply until the tender is completed; for example, approval by the Competition Commission. Swisscom will provide information on the fulfilment of these conditions at a later point in time. The offer thus stands, subject to these conditions, which are applicable until completion of the tender.

CEO Urs Schaeppi sees additional potential in's business

Urs Schaeppi, Swisscom's CEO, has stated the following as regards the planned takeover of PubliGroupe: "We are confident that the acquisition will soon take place. Together with PubliGroupe, we established the directory service with the brand We see additional potential in this business and want to write new chapters in its story of success." The total offer made by Swisscom for all PubliGroupe shares is about CHF 475 million. The main aim of the acquisition is to own the directory service, half of which already belongs to Swisscom. After the purchase, Swisscom intends to sell off PubliGroupe's media participations, while all options are being examined with regard to the other participations.

Shareholders allowed to tender further shares

The offer period will be extended by ten trading days for acceptance of the takeover bid, starting on 12 August and running until 25 August 2014.

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