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Press release

Simply switch off with “My Time” from Swisscom

Want to be able to choose when you can and cannot be contacted on your smartphone? Swisscom is launching the ideal free app for you – My Time. “My Time will help our customers consciously take time out and reflect on how they use their smartphones,” explains Marc Werner, Head of Residential Customers at Swisscom. My Time is available to download now in the Google Play Store for all Android devices with Android 4.0 or higher. It will be made available to iPhone users from the first quarter of 2015.
Berne, 25 November 2014

“Digital Detox” is a new trend that sees people consciously set aside their smartphones for a period of time. This downtime can be used to do a lot of things, such as spending time with other people without being interrupted, concentrating on work or enjoying a moment of peace and quiet. The free app My Time, which was developed by Swisscom in collaboration with start-up company OFFTIME, allows users to schedule a period of time during which they do not want to be able to be contacted. According to a survey carried out by Swisscom and market research company Link, around 60% of those asked switch off their smartphones from time to time in order to not be disturbed for a set amount of time. Customers can use My Time to block individual, multiple or all services and apps, or only allow calls from specific people. During these periods of downtime, the app can, upon request, answer contact enquiries with a personalised SMS containing details of when the user will be next available to take calls. At the end of the scheduled downtime, My Time will display a summary of all the events you missed. “The use of technology and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are closely intertwined,” says Alexander Steinhart, CEO of OFFTIME. “The aim of My Time is to help Swisscom customers determine their exposure to their smartphones themselves.”

Self-tracking with My Time

My Time can also provide those wanting to know more about their smartphone usage with detailed information. The app reports for which purpose and how frequently you use your smartphone to access individual services such as social media, mobile Internet, apps and telephony, which allows you to gain a better understanding of your personal habits. This makes it easier for users to consciously schedule downtime every once in a while.

About ( OFFTIME )

( OFFTIME ) is a young post-tech startup based in Berlin. Our services help you to switch off easily, find a better balance between your online and offline life, and find time to work and time to relax. The My Time app is the result of a collaboration with Swisscom.

Information regarding the survey

Between 17 and 27 October 2014, a total of 1,044 people who speak one of the national languages and access the Internet for private purposes at least once a week were surveyed in German-speaking Switzerland (815) and French-speaking Switzerland (229). The control sample was weighted in such a way as to ensure that it was representative of the Swiss Internet population. The survey was carried out by the LINK Institute on behalf of Swisscom with the aim of analysing the habits of the Swiss population when using their smartphones.

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