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Swisscom wins “connect” magazine network test for the sixth time in a row

The Swisscom mobile network has been named the best mobile network in Switzerland by “connect” magazine for the sixth year in a row. Swisscom even came out on top this year in a comparison with the networks in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The test win comes as a result of Swisscom's huge investment in the expansion of its infrastructure, on which it spent CHF 1.75°billion in 2014 alone. Swisscom is continuing to massively expand the coverage of the latest-generation 4G/LTE mobile technology, with 94% of the Swiss population already being able to use this high-speed network.
Berne, 03 December 2014

Mobile data usage is becoming increasingly important to customers: in October 2013, the average amount of data used was only 1.2 GB per month; however, customers with Natel infinity subscriptions are now using an average of 2.4 GB per month. Young people tend to surf the net even more, recording data usage volumes in excess of 5 GB per month. In subscribing to Swisscom packages, these customers are using the best network – a fact that was confirmed for the sixth successive year by “connect” technical magazine. “The test result is yet more proof that the high level of investment made in expanding our network is of great benefit to our customers”, said Heinz Herren, Swisscom CTO and CIO, about the result. Just two years after the launch of the latest 4G/LTE mobile technology, 94% of the Swiss population are able to use the high-speed mobile Internet, and more than 25% of Swisscom customers already own a 4G/LTE-enabled smartphone or tablet.

Complete modernisation ensures market-leading position

The Swisscom mobile network has been completely modernised over the last three years. What's more, the switch to the new frequency bands in summer 2014 allowed Swisscom to further optimise the network. This switch resulted in maximum data transfer speeds being able to be increased to up to 300 Mbps under optimal conditions. Speeds of up to 450 Mbps are already being achieved in the laboratory.

The last few months have also seen a huge improvement in mobile coverage in trains, as coverage along train routes has been enhanced and the requisite repeaters have been installed in almost all (95%) of the SBB long-distance train carriages. The repeaters are scheduled to be installed in regional trains from 2015 onwards. This permanent expansion has enabled Swisscom to establish itself as the market leader among mobile providers in German-speaking countries.

Further expansion of the mobile network planned for 2015

Swisscom will introduce the new VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and WLAN interworking (telephony via WLAN) technologies in the coming year. Swisscom also sets up around 300 new antenna sites each year.

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