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Use Oracle databases flexibly in the Swisscom Cloud

Berne, 27 July 2016

Swisscom is expanding its infrastructure range from the Cloud with Dynamic Database. Swisscom is offering Database-as-a-Service from the Public Cloud with immediate effect. Customers who are already using Dynamic Computing Services from Swisscom today can make use of the agile and flexible Oracle database services. You only pay for what you use.

Set up and use database instances in the shortest time – with Dynamic Database, this is now possible for customers who already use Dynamic Computing Services from Swisscom. Swisscom is expanding its range of services from the Cloud with the flexible Database-as-a-Service. Dynamic Database includes Oracle databases with licenses, CPU, memory and storage. The Cloud service is available in the performance classes XS to XL from CHF 63 per day and as a version for developers from CHF 60 per day. All of the data is stored in the computer centres of Swisscom in Switzerland.

Power up agile services

During load peaks you can simply turn on database services or set up testing platforms quickly. If a database is not needed any more due to project delays, the order for it can be discontinued with a single mouse click. There is no minimum contractual term meaning that even production environments can be scaled with flexibility and agility. Customers only pay for what they use. Stefan Ruckstuhl, Product Manager for Infrastructure Cloud Services at Swisscom says: “This allows our customers to meet the requirements of their everyday business more quickly and with greater cost efficiency.” Swisscom takes over the necessary licensing. This means that major preliminary investments are a thing of the past and customers can get onto the market faster.

Companies can also order other services such as high availability, disaster recovery, round-the-clock support and backup for their Dynamic Database. The new Managed Service means that customers can call upon comprehensive expertise and support from Swisscom database administrators at any time. Currently Swisscom administrates over 2,000 Oracle databases.

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