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Creating opportunities for all through digitalisation

As Switzerland’s market leader for mobile, landline telephony and TV, Swisscom has an influence on a large proportion of the country’s population. A driver of digitalisation, it believes it has a responsibility to support people on their journey into the digital world and help them take advantage of the opportunities that it offers. Here we explain how this vision is being made a reality.
Ursula Darmstaedter
Ursula Darmstaedter, Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager
28 May 2021

The evolution of ICT has radically changed daily life, both private and professional, in recent years: thanks to network expansion, people can be contacted or access the Internet at any time, giving them an unprecedented level of mobility. These changes bring with them huge opportunities, as well as a number of challenges.


The ability to work from home, for example, has improved the quality of life of many employees, but for others it has thrown their work-life balance into chaos. The digital divide between old and young has already narrowed dramatically and digitalisation is now a reality in schools and the health sector. Public awareness of the opportunities and dangers created by digitalisation in different contexts must now be raised if society is to use digital media safely and competently.


The potential for ICT to fight climate change and the relevance of the circular economy for the protection of natural resources are also widely recognised. These new approaches must now be quickly implemented.


Finally, the continuous expansion of communications networks is vital for a competitive Swiss economy.

Swisscom’s Sustainabiilty Strategy 2025

In its Sustainability Strategy 2025, Swisscom undertakes to make the most of these opportunities and meet the associated challenges – not only for the sake of its own commercial success, but as a way of safeguarding Switzerland’s high quality of life and sustainable development across the world.


Swisscom has set itself objectives in three main fields as part of its commitment to sustainability between now and 2025:

  1. Ready for people: by providing a comprehensive range of training courses, Swisscom plans to help 2 million people improve their digital skills and improve working conditions in product supply chains.
  2. Ready for the environment: together with its customers, Swisscom wants to help protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions by 500,000 tonnes. This corresponds to 1% of Switzerland’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Ready for Switzerland: Swisscom wants to make Switzerland a more compettitive country and a better place to live by providing reliable ultra-fast broadband and doubling fibre coverage (FTTH).

Swisscom is one of the world’s most sustainable telecommunications companies because it considers sustainability to be a core element of its corporate strategy. Its corporate strategy and sustainability strategy are implemented in parallel and, between them, determine the activities of the company as a whole.

Single-minded progress

Twice a year, the Group Executive Board examines the status of implementation of the sustainability strategy and approves the guide values and planned measures for the next phase. On this basis, the sustainability team plans the implementation of the measures in the form of a roadmap. In order to further embed the sustainability strategy, the sustainability target will become part of the incentive system for the Group Executive Board for the first time from 2021 onwards. This will remedy a situation that had previously been criticised in external investment evaluations. At the same time, in 2020, the Group Executive Board decided to toughen its climate protection targets because greenhouse gas emissions from operations and the supply chain had decreased faster than expected. Also in 2020, the successful issue of a green bond raised the financial capital to invest in some ambitious climate protection measures. Here, as in other areas of sustainability, Swisscom is unafraid to lead by example by developing and implementing innovative solutions.

Living and achieving sustainability

Sustainability measures are, in the main, implemented directly by the different divisions of Swisscom. The sustainability team plays a supporting role by guiding this process and offering appropriate expertise. Cooperation with the teams that actually implement these measures is often highly effective because many Swisscom employees are acutely aware of and deeply committed to sustainability issues.


Further information about Swisscom’s sustainability strategy can be found in the Sustainability Strategy 2021.  

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