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Refugee crisis – Swisscom and its employees donate 230,000 francs to Swiss Solidarity

Berne, 16 September 2015

Last week, Swisscom launched a company - wide appeal for donations to help refugees from Syria and Eritrea. Employees donated 115 ,000 francs. Swisscom will double that amo unt, meaning that Swisscom and its employees are donating a total of 230 ,000 francs to Swiss Solidarity.

Swisscom is also waiving the chargesfor all calls made from Swisscom mobile and landline numbers to Syria and Eritrea in September and October. Likewise, our customers will not be charged roaming fees in Syria for the same two months. Roaming is not currently available in Eritrea.

“The wave of refugees entering Europe at the moment has opened our eyes to the plight of the people in Syria and Eritrea.This is reflected in the concern shown by our employees,” says Res Witschi, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Swisscom.

Swisscom has been supporting Swiss Solidarity for 69 years by means of an annual contribution and other in-kind services related to communication. Services provided on the Swiss Solidarity national fundraising day include the call centre infrastructure and freephone numbers incl. connection charges.

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