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New office building for Swisscom employees in Lucerne

Berne, 8 June 2016

Swisscom is moving. From 2019, around 400 Swisscom employees in the Lucerne area will be united in a single location in a new office complex in the Mattenhof area of Lucerne South. The current office buildings will be vacated.

A well-connected urban district is being constructed in Mattenhof Lucerne South. Swisscom and its 400 or so employees will be moving into the district, which is being developed by the real estate company Mobimo. The move will allow Swisscom to bring together its employees from its three current locations in Lucerne. The new Swisscom location will be a modern, attractive, very ergonomic working environment, spread over five floors and with an area of approximately 7,500m2. “The appeal of the new building is its modern, very functional architecture, and its good transport connections mean that it is ideally situated. Bringing the employees together under one roof will make us more efficient, improve communication and allow us to establish a modern workplace concept – and at lower costs”, says Jöri Engel, Head of Swisscom Real Estate.

The Mattenhof development should be completed by the winter of 2018/2019, and the move is envisaged for September 2019. The offices in the three current buildings, Floraweg 2, Geissensteinring 45 and Weinberglistrasse 4, will be vacated. The move will not affect the technical, logistical and retail areas, which will remain in their current locations.

“We are delighted that Swisscom is going to be a tenant in Mattenhof. Its employees can look forward to bright, friendly workplaces in a lively, modern district”, says Elvira Hofmann, Head of Marketing at Mobimo.

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