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Sanitas core IT migrates to new Swisscom platform

Berne, 13 July 2016

Following Swisscom’s takeover of the operation and development of the Sanitas core IT systems last January, these systems were successfully migrated to the new Swisscom platform at the end of June. The migration resulted in the optimisation of its administration costs and allowed Sanitas to freely focus on developing its digital business model.

Since 1 January 2016, Sanitas has outsourced its operational, transaction-oriented IT systems to Swisscom’s newly set up competence centre for health insurers. On this date, Swisscom took on 30 Sanitas employees as well as operation of the existing core IT systems. Over the past six months, Swisscom has promptly migrated the core and peripheral systems based on adcubum SYRIUS to a new Swisscom platform. The newly set up platform runs on a modern infrastructure with high security standards. The technical migration does not result in any changes for Sanitas customers, whose data will continue to benefit from comprehensive protection.

Optimised cost structure and freedom for innovation

Swisscom’s competence centre for health insurers provides Sanitas with full outsourcing of its core and peripheral IT systems. This includes the following elements: infrastructure, application operation, application management, application development, technical release and test management as well as business analysis. Swisscom has assigned 60 specialists to take on the task, enabling Sanitas to not only optimise its cost structure but to also gain more freedom in further developing its digital business model. Lukas Vogt, Head of Business Development at Sanitas, explains: “The collaboration with Swisscom has given us more flexibility, so that the focus within the company can be shifted entirely to our customers’ needs. At the same time, with Swisscom as an experienced partner, we are increasing the stability and reliability of our core IT operation.”

Digitisation as a tool against exploding costs

Robert Gebel, member of the Swisscom Enterprise Customers division management, was closely involved in the Sanitas project right from the start. He sees this kind of development as a great opportunity for the healthcare system overall: “With common industrial and innovative solutions, we can counteract rising costs in the healthcare sector and improve quality at the same time.” Swisscom’s Group-wide health strategy is designed to ensure that Swisscom offers solutions for establishing networks within the healthcare sector. Swisscom already offers various solutions for individuals, doctors, hospitals and other health service providers. Insurers are key players in the healthcare market. With this new competence centre, Swisscom is offering health and accident insurers all the advantages that come with digitisation.

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About Sanitas

The five operational public limited companies that make up the Sanitas Group ( offer both mandatory basic (Sanitas, Wincare and Compact) and supplementary insurance solutions (Sanitas and Wincare). With a good 800,000 customers and a premium volume of CHF 2.5 billion, Sanitas is one of the biggest health insurers in Switzerland.

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