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Swisscom Application Cloud expanded to include RabbitMQ Enterprise

Berne, 27 September 2016

Swisscom is expanding its open-source Platform as a Service, which is based on the Cloud Foundry industry standard, to include a modern message broker service. RabbitMQ Enterprise is open-source software designed specifically for powerful applications with high requirements. Swisscom is offering this according to a pay-per-use model under which customers only pay for the services they actually use.

Swisscom is now offering the RabbitMQ Enterprise open-source messaging service on the Swisscom Application Cloud for private developers and corporate customers. This service allows applications to be linked to one another and scaled. Applications use this brokerage platform to send and receive messages such as push notifications or application data. Manuel Dietrich, responsible for Swisscom Application Cloud, explains: “We are listening to our developer community. RabbitMQ is their preferred message broker for cloud-native architecture and an existing service under our Platform as a Service (PaaS) that many of our customers already actively use. With the new Enterprise version, we are taking the service to an entirely new level. Our model is incredibly simple: we simply charge for the number of messages sent.” By doing so, Swisscom is fulfilling the desire of many companies to obtain flexible capacities and services and to budget according to their needs.

Highly available and flexible

Swisscom guarantees message broker service availability of 99.9%. All message queues are mirrored in a cluster across multiple nodes. Developers can also use a browser-based console for management and monitoring.

RabbitMQ Enterprise is just one of many services that Swisscom has integrated into its public and virtual private Platform as a Service based on Cloud Foundry over the past year, with other examples including MongoDB Enterprise, Redis Enterprise and MariaDB.

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