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Thumbs up or down? Use the Looping feedback tool globally free of charge

Berne, 16 November 2016

Good products start with early feedback. With Looping, designers and developers receive feedback from a global community quickly and easily. The tool is now available from Swisscom as a public version, free of charge.

Despite advertising campaigns costing millions, even products from prestigious companies can flop. They failed to get early feedback and have developed without considering the needs of the customers. With Looping there is no longer any excuse. Now designers, creative people and product managers from around the world can test prototypes quickly and easily.

It's as easy as this

The feedback tool from Swisscom works very simply: upload the prototype, select the feedback providers and you are done. Looping does the rest. It generates appropriate questions, sends the prototype to the existing community and provides feedback 48 hours later. Anything that can be conveyed digitally can be assessed. Logos, photos, drawings, websites, app designs, advertisements, posters, audio tracks or videos. Looping is extremely easy to use and already has an existing community. Michael Baeriswyl, Head of Software-as-a-Service at Swisscom says: “With Looping, designers can get straight down to business and do not have to laboriously arrange their own distributors or even pay for the costly services of market research agencies.”

Looping Enterprise already a success

Those who want to rely on their own closed community of feedback providers can continue to do so with Looping Enterprise. The version for companies is already being used by AXA Winterthur, Coop, Migros, Mobiliar, Post, SBB and now Deutsche Bank. Looping Enterprise is also already in use at Swisscom itself. Each year the closed Swisscom community gives 20,000 pieces of feedback for over 700 prototypes, and this volume is increasing. As Software-as-a-Service, Looping runs on the Swisscom application cloud. All data is stored in Swisscom’s ultra-modern Swiss data centres and is encrypted. Only authorised employees are allowed access.

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