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Cloud Study from ISG: “In 2017, there’s no way of avoiding Swisscom”

Bern, 30 June, 2017

The global market research company ISG has taken a close look at the cloud market in Switzerland. In three categories, Swisscom was rated as the leader with its attractive portfolio and strong competitive position. These were: Cloud Transformation with Consulting and Integration, Unified Communication as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud Infrastructure.

The cloud will constitute around one third of the Swiss IT market in 2030, according to the experts from the market research company, ISG. The cloud has now grown out of its “infant shoes”, and can offer companies agility and cost benefits. In the current study, “ISG Provider Lens – Switzerland 2017 Cloud Transformation/Operation Service & XaaS”, ISG investigated all relevant cloud service providers in Switzerland in five categories: Cloud Transformation, Cloud Operations, SaaS-ERP, SaaS-Unified Communications and Infrastructure from the Cloud (IaaS). In three of these categories, Swisscom was clearly the leader for the market researchers. With regard to Cloud Transformation, SaaS-Unified Communications and Cloud Infrastructure, ISG confirmed that Swisscom has a very attractive range of products and services as well as a definitively strong market and competitive position. Heiko Henkes, author of the ISG study: “In relation to the cloud, Swisscom sets the strategic pace and is also the driving force for innovation and stability.”

Journey to the cloud: Swisscom on every shortlist for cloud transformations

Especially in relation to consultations and comprehensive integration with local delivery, there’s no way of avoiding Swisscom in 2017. Some of the convincing aspects included the bundled expertise, which is needed for preparing the journey to the cloud, the proven local consultation and integration expertise, a dedicated consultant team for cloud security, and the long-term trust that is placed in Swisscom as a reliable partner.

IaaS: safe, available and close by

Swisscom is also the leader when it comes to infrastructure resources. With its Dynamic Computing portfolio and the Enterprise Cloud, Swisscom offers flexible, scalable and highly reliable solutions in this area. Data storage in Switzerland, expertise in outsourcing and comprehensive managed services resulted in the experts coming to the following conclusion in the ISG study: “Swisscom focuses on security, availability, local services and proximity to the customer, which is combined with outstanding connectivity and fair prices.”

Unified Communication (UCC) from the Cloud: stable and via own network

“Swisscom can also transfer its successful position in the Swiss telecommunications market to UCaaS business”, according to the bottom line of the ISG study regarding Unified Communication from the Cloud. Swisscom scored well here thanks to its differentiated Managed Communications offer, with a wide variety of technologies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Unify and Broadsoft. The solutions are offered via Swisscom’s own data centres. And end-to-end security and stability can be ensured as everything runs via the Swisscom network.

Swisscom Cloud for Digitisation

Marcel Walker, Head of Network & Cloud at Swisscom Enterprise Customers says: “The rating as leader in three categories is a confirmation of our strategy. We have learned a lot on our journey to the cloud. We view ourselves as a companion, who helps to shape the journey to the cloud with the customers while generating added value for them on a permanent basis. And this, in turn, is helping to speed up the digitisation of the Swiss economy. Over the past few years, Swisscom has launched numerous services from the cloud. More than 270 companies are already using infrastructures from the cloud with dynamic computing services. Around 3,000 developers use the modern development environment in the Cloud and myCloud applications, and the cloud storage for multimedia formats currently has around 150,000 residential customers.