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SmartLife Care becomes a company in its own right

Brüttisellen, 26 October 2017

SmartLife Care, which was previously part of Swisscom, is now to operate in the market as a company in its own right, retaining the name SmartLife Care. The new company, with eleven employees, is a joint venture of Swisscom and the Helvetia Group.

Switzerland is getting older – and more enterprising. Emergency call solutions such as SmartLife Care give the elderly security in their everyday lives – irrespective of whether they are at home or out and about. They thus help safeguard people’s independence and entrepreneurial spirit. SmartLife Care’s existing products enjoy a high degree of acceptance by their target group.


By converting the former division into the new independent company SmartLife Care, a joint venture between Swisscom (48%) and the Helvetia Group (52%), the two owners expect to see further developments in the existing range of emergency call solutions for the elderly in line with their customers’ needs. Additional solutions are being developed in the field of ambient-assisted living, which are designed to assist people in living autonomously in their own homes.


The company is managed by Reto Weber, who has many years’ experience in the development and product management of emergency call and ambient-assisted solutions.



Contact for questions

Reto Weber

CEO / managing director

Zürichstrasse 38

8306 Brüttisellen