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Digital donation platform to cease operations

Berne, 16 January 2018 has been bringing together donors and certified charities on a single platform since mid-2016. However, after 18 months of operation, it has become clear that the donation platform is not attracting sufficient traffic. will therefore cease operations as of 31 January 2018.

Switzerland is one of the most charitable nations in the world. According to statistics from the Zewo Foundation, in 2016, charities in Switzerland received donations amounting to almost 1.8 billion Swiss francs.


The Swiss donation platform was launched by Swisscom in mid-2016, in partnership with Zewo and Swissfundraising. The platform gave certified charities an efficient and effective means of publicising their projects, and gave donors straightforward access to legitimate projects to which to donate online.

Online platform failing to generate enough donations

According to statistics from Zewo, 99 percent of donations received by certified charities are made through traditional payment channels, such as postal or bank transfer, rather than online. After 18 months of operation, it is apparent that is not generating sufficient donations, and that demand from Zewo’s 500 approved charities is too low. The maintenance, support and business development costs have proven disproportionately high for all stakeholders, and will therefore cease operations as of 31 January 2018.