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Global pioneer: Swisscom adopts advanced Huawei technology for its new transport network

Berne, 22 May 2018

Swisscom is launching its new IP transport network (core network) with advanced Huawei technology, becoming one of the first network operators worldwide to consistently separate services and products from the transport network.

Swisscom has been developing its transport network for years with an eye to satisfying increasing demands for capacity and availability. Now it has decided to roll out a completely new architecture, opting for advanced Huawei technology to equip its transport network for the requirements of the future.


In doing so, Swisscom and Huawei are exploring new paths, ranking them as international trailblazers: The transport network will be completely separated from the services and products run on the network, which up to now were closely enmeshed with it. However, all the interfaces in the transport network had to be reconfigured for new functions. Now the aim is to reduce complexity, resulting in higher availability, increased efficiency and lower costs. Adjustments to the transport network can also be performed faster, and independently of other business units.


Heinz Herren, Swisscom CIO/CTO emphasises how important this step is for Swisscom: "Swisscom as a provider has always been committed to achieving the best customer experiences and networks. As CIO and CTO, I am of course excited about our pioneering achievement – besides customer centricity, Swisscom also stands for technology leadership, and it is great that our choice of architecture sets international benchmarks." In opting for Huawei, Swisscom is favouring a long-serving partner with technological know-how who has already provided support with innovative solutions in the past.


“We are proud that Swisscom gave us the trust and responsibility to lead and realize the vision of their next generation Core Network,” says Wang Haitao, CEO of Huawei Switzerland, “This project fits with our vision of intent-driven networks as resilient, robust and easy to scale out, and allows metro networks to harness cloud technology to enable resource pooling, service agility, operation automation and openness to the network. Swisscom is one of our first customers to take these first steps towards realizing that vision.”


The step-by-step rollout of the new transport network began at the end of April 2018. Residential customer services in the fixed network will be the first to be migrated. The migration phase is expected to last around another eighteen months.