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Hoval opts for the Swisscom Cloud

Berne, 15. August 2018

Leading international heating and air conditioning expert Hoval has signed a five-year contract to have its server infrastructure and SAP Basis services operated from the Swisscom Cloud.

This represents a major step into the digital future. Hoval, whose heating systems are found in both the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, has opted for the Swisscom Enterprise Cloud. The international commercial heating system supplier is to be migrated over to the Swisscom Cloud gradually. The five-year contract includes: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), SAP Basis operation and related project services for data centre migration. Through this move, Hoval is taking its first step towards full use of the cloud.

Efficiency and agility are essential in the face of a rapidly evolving sector

The energy sector is undergoing dramatic change. In response to this, Hoval set out on its digital journey some years ago and is gradually evolving from a product manufacturer to a service provider. Hoval was also faced with the decision of whether to modernise its two existing data centres or opt for sourcing and cloud services. As Erich Frick, IT Manager at Hoval says: "Finding a suitable partner for our journey into the cloud was intensive and challenging. Although set on this transformation, Hoval's project requirements were many and complex. Given that we are an international company that has grown over the years, our existing IT infrastructure is highly complex. Interface management, for example, will therefore play a key role. We also have to address various security and data protection requirements. In Swisscom, we have found a strong brand and trusted partner whom we can deal with on an equal footing. We are confident that our journey into the cloud will bring us many market and competitive advantages, enabling us to react to market fluctuations with greater efficiency, agility and flexibility."


Swisscom runs the infrastructure on the Enterprise Service Cloud with its advanced architecture for automated service provision and billing. For Hoval, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) permits an agile alignment of memory capacity and processing power with resource requirements. The SAP Basis services run on the dedicated Swisscom SAP Service Cloud. Besides improved business agility and technical adaptability, it was the flexibility and the mutual trust inspired by long years of cooperation that tipped the scales in favour of Swisscom. The project will run from 1 August 2018 until the first half of 2020 and will be rolled out into the live environment gradually.

Shaping the future in the midst of transformation

In the past, Swisscom has performed many services for Hoval in the mobile, fixed-line and international WAN areas. According to Marcel Walker, Head of Infrastructure Solutions at Swisscom: "We are delighted to have been chosen by a long-standing customer such as Hoval to cover all aspects of their journey into the digital future. Hoval’s confidence in us confirms yet again that we are on the right track with our cloud strategy, which combines a global approach and integration with local personal support."

About Hoval

Hoval is a leading international provider of indoor climate solutions with more than 2,000 employees worldwide. It has been designing and supplying innovative system solutions for more than 70 years. The company exports integrated systems for heating, cooling and ventilation to more than 50 countries and is leading the field in solar-powered water heating and room heating with oil, gas, wood or a heat pump, delivering energy-saving, environmentally-friendly solutions.

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