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Swisscom All-in Signing Service is now eIDAS-certified

Berne, 17 October, 2018

Many companies, government agencies, and service providers want to use digital signatures, but they are worried of the cost of implementing and managing the systems. Swisscom provides assistance here and offers the electronic signature as a comprehensive managed service This service can be integrated into signature applications. The service is also now eIDAS-certified. This means that the signatures are legally valid both in Switzerland and in EU countries.

With the All-in Signing Service, Swisscom offers legally binding electronic signatures as a service. As a result of this, companies, government agencies and service providers no longer have to set up and manage a comprehensive infrastructure themselves. Furthermore, Swisscom takes over the complete lifecycle management, including backup, maintenance or infrastructure updates.

Certified for the EU and Switzerland

The All-in Signing Service was previously certified according to ZertES for Switzerland. Based on the eIDAS regulation (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services), this certification now also applies to countries of the European Union. This means the All-in Signing Service is now also interesting for companies that want to do business in the EU or want to do business in Switzerland as a company based in the EU. The service is being offered in cooperation with the subsidiary company Swisscom IT Services Finance SE based in Vienna.

Ready for mobile use

With All-in Signing, documents can be protected from manipulation, business partners can be clearly identified and business processes can be optimised. The service works independently of time, location and device used. The All-in Signing Service is suitable for signing mass mailings, such as invoices, as well as for signing personal documents, such as contracts. With the so-called Registration Authority Application (RA-App), people can be easily and securely identified, which considerably reduces the outlay involved for employees.


Furthermore, online contracts can also be concluded with a mobile phone while on the move. The user calls up the desired contract on his smartphone with his signature application and signs it digitally with the push of a button. Using two-factor authentication, the contract is concluded in a legally secure manner - without ever having to be printed out on paper. This makes it easy to sign employment contracts, credit applications, insurance policies, applications for ID cards, orders and invoices electronically.