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We are Swisscom.

Arijana Walcott, Business Development Manager, Palo Alto Outpost

Clash of cultures at close quarters

I seek out trends for Swisscom in Silicon Valley. I connect people with people, topics, resources. Sometime I have to mediate when cultures clash: such as between my Swisscom colleagues who like to put a technology through its paces first and the wild Californian start-ups who make off-the-cuff decisions. I’m very impatient myself – which is probably why I fit in so well, because everyone is like that here. Obviously, I miss my family and friends in Switzerland. My three-year-old son skypes with my Mum every day: they read books or play at make-believe. Next year though, my outpost days will be over and we’ll be returning to Switzerland. With a smile and a tear.


Lukas Hohl, ICT architect, Zurich

I look out for the little things.

I have to set the right priorities. That’s the most important part of my job. As a Swisscom TV product owner I’m the point of contact for customers, managers, developers and partners. Their requirements usually exceed the resources and budget at my disposal. So the moment of truth strikes: what do we tackle first? What has to wait? My decisions impact directly on the customer experience of more than one million TV users. I aim to offer customers the best experience. That sometimes keeps me awake at night. I pay attention to the details and the minor discrepancies when I take decisions, because they often make the difference. Luckily, over time you tend to develop a gut feeling.