Automatic speech recognition and voice recordings on the Swisscom hotline

A new hotline experience awaits you. When you call the Swisscom hotline, you can now state your query orally. You no longer need a keypad in order to be transferred to the relevant officer. Using a voice and intention recognition system, also known as speech recognition, we can recognise your query and switch you through to the right officer more quickly.


For the purpose of training and further developing the speech recognition system, Swisscom needs voice recordings of how you formulate your voice commands (e.g. ‘I want to view my invoice. How can I do that?’).


The voice recordings will not be used for identification purposes, but will rather be exclusively processed for the training and further development of our voice hotline solution.


Swisscom also records conversations between you and our officers for training and quality assurance purposes. These recordings allow us to train our officers and develop their conversation skills further.


Currently, our German-language customers have the benefit of the Swisscom hotline speech recognition system. The existing solution is being constantly expanded. Swisscom updates customers on an ongoing basis when new languages are added.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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