Automatic speech recognition & voice recordings on the Swisscom Hotline

Wish you didn't have to switch back and forth between the receiver and the dial pad, but could simply describe your requests verbally instead? The Swisscom Hotline uses a speech and intent recognition system, which enables us to understand your voice commands and the description of your request. You no longer need to use the dial pad to tell us your request. We're better able to classify your request and thus connect you with the right employee. In the ideal case, you can even directly solve your request on your own via automation.


In order to train and further develop the speech and intent recognition system, Swisscom requires voice recordings of you describing your request (e.g. "I want to to view my bill"). How can I do that?")


These voice recordings are not used for identification or marketing purposes, but solely for the purpose of training and developing our speech and intent recognition system. The voice recordings are stored in encrypted form and without any direct reference to you (such as name or customer number).


Swisscom also records conversations between you and our employees for training and quality assurance purposes. These recordings can be used to train our employees and develop their skills in talking to customers.


If you do not consent to the voice recordings (description of your request as well as the conversation between you and our employees), you can prevent the storage and use of your recording by pressing a key on the dial pad.


Currently, our residential customers can benefit from the speech and intent recognition system on the Swisscom hotline. The existing solution is constantly being expanded. Swisscom provides continuous information about new developments.

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