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Security of Swisscom products

Information and data are some of the most valuable assets we have today. We are committed to transmitting and storing data as securely and reliably as possible. We deploy over 150 security experts daily to ensure information security, data privacy and secure operation in our networks. Many customers from sensitive sectors such as banking, health or security trust in our services. We were the first telecom provider in Switzerland to be awarded ISO 27001 security certification.

Security in our corporate culture

Security of our products

Security of the Swisscom e-mail solution

With a free Bluewin e-mail address, you are using Switzerland's most popular e-mail solution. And one that is highly secure at that. Your data is received and sent in encrypted form provided that this is also supported by the recipient’s e-mail provider. Unlike free e-mail providers, your e-mails are not analysed for marketing purposes or passed on to third parties. All e-mails are stored at our highly secure data centres in Switzerland. A free virus, spam and phishing filter sends malicious e-mails to a quarantine folder, where they are deleted automatically after one week.

Security of myCloud online storage

You can securely store your valuable data in myCloud for free in four of our data centres in Switzerland. All have Tier 3 or Tier 4 certificates, which means that they satisfy the highest security requirements. Data is transferred using state-of-the-art encryption. All myCloud systems are also regularly subjected to hacker tests to identify any vulnerabilities. Customer data is not used for marketing purposes or passed on to third parties. While hard disks or CDs can be stolen or lost in fires, for example, data stored in the cloud is protected against such risks.

Security of Swisscom TV

Swisscom TV provides around 60,000 items of content at any one time. To help viewers navigate this universe, Swisscom TV offers automated programme recommendations on the basis of user data.
As a customer, you control whether your data can be used for this purpose via the settings. You can also restrict access to certain content by your children according to time of day and their age. You can set password protection on paid content and also define individual purchase limits. Swisscom TV saves your recordings at our highly secure data centres in Switzerland.

Security of Swisscom Mobile products

Swisscom employs state-of-the-art measures to protect its mobile network from the major risks. Risk number one is unauthorised call interception or recording. To combat this, Swisscom uses encrypted transmission and frequent channel changing during transmission. We continually perform integrity tests to prevent intervention by fraudsters with false identities. We use anonymisation procedures to limit user localisation or tracking. We also maintain a regular dialogue with the industry association, GSMA to stay abreast of international developments and swiftly roll out the latest security measures.

Security of Swisscom fixed network telephony (IP)

The new IP-based fixed-telephone network meets the same security standards as the previous analogue fixed-telephone network technology or ISDN, and is based on the underlying international standards and statutory regulations. Swisscom regularly verifies the integrity of collected call data. The Swisscom call filter blocks unsolicited advertising calls. It also blocks calls from anonymous or hidden numbers. The call filter is always learning and you can also add your own numbers.

Security of Swisscom Internet access

With around two million Internet connections, Swisscom is the largest Internet provider in Switzerland. We implement extensive safeguards to offer our customers optimum protection. For example, the entire Swisscom network is permanently anonymised and monitored automatically. The specialised Computer Security Incident Response Team is on call 24/7 to take immediate action in serious threat situations.

Security of Swisscom
web hosting services

Swisscom's web hosting services meet the highest safety standards. The servers are located in Tier 3 and Tier 4-certified highly secure data centres in Switzerland and are protected from DDos and other attacks by advanced firewalls. Geo-redundant back-ups are performed daily in different data centres. The Swisscom Security Operation Center monitors all security-relevant functions around the clock. Swisscom offers a comprehensive range of security services for business customers.

Security of Swisscom WLAN routers

Swisscom WLAN routers are pre-configured with four-step WPA2 encryption. The Swisscom Internet-Box plus and Internet-Box 2 are also equipped with a VPN function that allows secure access to the home network on the move. Visitors are given a separate password for Internet access via the guest WLAN function, which means that they have no access to the local network. Guest access can be provided temporarily or permanently. Swisscom automatically updates the routers with new functions and security enhancements.


CSIRT The Computer Security Incident Response Team


This video explains how the data security team protects Swisscom customers and employees from cyber criminality.
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