Go to Switzerland's most modern data centre

The Wankdorf data center sets new standards for efficiency, security, availability and energy efficiency. We spent three years and invested around CHF 60 million to build Switzerland's best data centre.



Capacity for over 5,000 servers


Maximum security

Energy efficiency

PUE score of 1.2


Uninterrupted operation thanks to redundancy

Cooling system

Waste heat used for heating


World's highest quality accolade

Save energy with the cloud

According to a study certified by the myclimate foundation, using cloud-based IT services reduces energy consumption by up to 90% compared to the use of individual servers. Bundling IT services for a large number of companies in energy-efficient data centres is therefore an effective strategy for increasing energy efficiency in Switzerland.

ICT Infrastructure Services

We offer enterprise customers all they need to outsource their ICT infrastructure at the Wankdorf Data Centre: hosting, housing and a comprehensive portfolio of cloud computing and managed services.