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  • Mobility & Climate

How climate-friendly is our mobility?

Whether rail or road, we produce CO2 whenever we travel. Our map shows you who produces how much in Switzerland, and with which means of transport. We hope to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle through transparency.

Transport mix

Find out how much CO2 emissions we generate and with which means of transport.

CO2 emissions

Find out the average amount of CO2 per capita we generate with mobility.

Climate protection

We hope to make a contribution to more sustainable mobility through transparency.


CO2 success stories

Data protection

Completely anonymous location data is used to analyse CO2 emissions per person in the various cantons. This procedure complies with telecommunications law. Customers who do not wish to be included in these anonymous evaluations may refuse usage of their data at any time in the Customer Center.

"Swisscom supports Switzerland on its path
to a more sustainable, climate-friendly future
with intelligent solutions for location-independent working, remote monitoring and
transparency in the field of mobility."

Urs Schaeppi, CEO Swisscom


What is the goal of the cantonal challenge?

How does the cantonal challenge work?

Why is Swisscom committed to climate protection?

Where does the data for the cantonal challenge come from?

How are CO₂ emissions calculated?

How are the data of the cantonal challenge protected?

What can Swisscom customers do if they do not want to be part of the cantonal challenge?


Share the latest results on CO2 emissions in Switzerland.