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Everyone benefits from flexible working

Swisscom supports a sustainable way of living and working. By 2020, we aim to give one million people access to mobile working. Everyone benefits from being able to work flexibly anywhere. It increases employee motivation and productivity, reduces our carbon footprint and integrates more people into the labour market.


For employees

Flexible working lets employees do their job at the ideal time and in the ideal place. This increases efficiency, improves quality and results in greater satisfaction.

For businesses

Work Smart lets businesses avoid or reduce travel and waiting time, thus increasing productivity and lowering costs. And it means that other people can be recruited.

For the environment

Mobile working lets you commute at off-peak times or not have to travel at all. This relieves the infrastructure and reduces our carbon footprint.

What it takes to Work Smart

Swisscom offers companies and employees all it takes to Work Smart: fast Internet connections, remote access to company data and systems and programs for communication, sharing and organisation. In addition, Swisscom also offers businesses Work Smart coaching sessions to help with their transformation.

Work Smart at Swisscom

Two-thirds of all Swisscom employees already regularly work on the move. We are pioneers in this field compared to the rest of Switzerland, where around 38% of employees are able to work flexibly. Aside from flexible working, many other factors make Swisscom one of Switzerland’s most popular employers.

Studies and publications

Many studies confirm the positive effects of Work Smart for employees, enterprises and the environment. We have put together a selection of current studies and publications.

Work Smart Initiative

In 2015, Swisscom co-founded the “Work Smart Initiative”, which now includes 150 enterprises and organisations. The initiative promotes flexible working, supports cultural change through an exchange of ideas and events, and conducts in-depth research along with scientific partners.