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Creating experiences
that win our hearts

“What will be the next big thing?” This question is on the minds of numerous technology-driven companies desperate to make a difference for the long term. Yet many technical innovations fail. That’s why, when we develop innovations, we work in an agile, people-focused way. Our aim is to create added value through experiences that inspire.

Focus on innovation

Swisscom focuses its innovation activities on the following seven fields of innovation. These fields of innovation directly support achievement of corporate targets:

Network and infrastructure

Growth through better customer experience and differentiation as well as an increase in process efficiency.

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Development of best-in-class security services for internal and external use.

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Analytics and artificial intelligence

Development of artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities for internal and external use.

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Internet of Things

Best infrastructure provider for the Internet of Things in Switzerland. Additional positioning as an E2E solution provider in selected areas.

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The best offering in Switzerland based on a networked entertainment ecosystems.

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Digital business

Establishment of Internet services in the form of data driven software platforms.

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Digital Swisscom

Simplicity and efficiency through standardised digital processes and a clear product portfolio.

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Investing in the future together

We work with leading technical universities and watch as new businesses are created in Switzerland and Silicon Valley. With our start-up initiative and venture capital arm, we invest in promising new companies.

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Here are a few of our latest innovations

Many of our innovations are not directly visible. Our investments in the Internet, for example. Or our shops, services and offers. We often develop new opportunities with partners through new joint ventures. Here are some examples. 

Swisscom nova

Our label for products in development

These days, we bring new ideas and products to the market early, almost as beta versions, so that, together with interested customers, we can develop them further until they reach market maturity. We give these applications our ‘nova’ label. It goes without saying that our ‘nova’ applications are subject to our usual strict guidelines as regards security, data protection and quality.