IT Security Threats Enterprise
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Your company as a data stronghold

Companies’ IT infrastructure is constantly under threat. Effective technical protection and correct behaviour are therefore indispensable. The following infographic illustrates the dangers facing a company’s IT.

Hacker attacks, malware and environmental dangers such as fire or water pose a constant threat to IT infrastructure, and therefore to an SME’s valuable data. It is not only large companies that are targeted by cybercriminals. Small and medium-sized companies and start-ups also fall victim to data thieves and hackers.

Infographic: tnt-graphics

Diverse protection measures

It is therefore important to protect data and IT infrastructure from all kinds of threats. In order to prevent a company losing its data, the protection measures in place need to be as diverse as the potential risks. In the end, a company’s devices, memories and servers contain all the knowledge that it has acquired: all orders, customer details, staff data, accounts, etc., without which it simply cannot operate.

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