Reliable blockchain solutions for companies

Swisscom Blockchain offers Swiss companies and the public sector reliable blockchain solutions and a highly secure infrastructure for blockchain applications. We facilitate the establishment of blockchain-based business models. Alongside our partners from business, research and politics, we intend to harness the full potential of blockchain technology for Switzerland.

Electronic Seal

In Electronic Seal, we provide a blockchain-based electronic signature for documents.

Areas of application

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) has the potential to bring about changes to business areas that go far beyond the familiar existing digital currencies.

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The advantages of Swisscom Blockchain

Blockchain technology’s decentralised storage and data immutability significantly improve the efficiency of and trust in digital transactions. This is particularly advantageous in nationally regulated industries. Swisscom Blockchain is the ideal partner.


Security and reliability are top priorities for Swisscom. We guarantee that our blockchain solutions meet all compliance requirements, particularly in regulated industries.


Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading ICT provider and one of the country’s most innovative companies. We guarantee state-of-the-art blockchain solutions and a scalable infrastructure that adapts to your needs.


We give you simple solutions for incorporating the benefits of blockchain technology into new and existing business models.


At Swisscom Blockchain, a team of highly qualified and experienced blockchain specialists is ready and waiting. Our large network of renowned partners provides additional opportunities.

Blockchain Ecosystem

Together with our partners from business, research and politics, we intend to further harness the potential of blockchain technology for Switzerland.

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