Electronic Seal

With Electronic Seal, we offer a blockchain-based electronic seal for companies that can guarantee tamper-proof data (legally issued, immutability and authenticity of data). Electronic Seal allows the cost-effective mass sealing of data.

Diagram: Electronic Seal blockchain signature from Swisscom

Awarded with the Digital Trust Label

Electronic Seal has successfully passed the audit for the Digital Trust Label. The label stands for the trustworthiness of the digital service according to the checked criteria. The Digital Trust Label developed in Switzerland, is the first of its kind in the world and is managed by the Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI), an independent non-profit Foundation based in Geneva.


As a Swisscom Blockchain customer, you will benefit from the following features with Electronic Seal.



Managed Service

Electronic Seal explained briefly and concisely


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Would you like to find out more?

Would you like to find out more about Electronic Seal? You can request a non-binding needs analysis or get started right away. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Cost saving

The costs are a fraction of those associated with a solution based on a public blockchain. Electronic Seal can be scaled to any volume.


The high security of the blockchain based seal combined with decentralised storage in the blockchain make tampering impossible.


Electronic seals are certified and validated using an easy to integrate, standardised interface.

  • Leonie Flückiger, CTO, Adresta

    «With the Swiss Trust Chain and our collaboration with Swisscom regarding the encryption of watch certificates, the industry finally has a blockchain solution with trusted partners and data storage in Switzerland.»

    Leonie Flückiger, CTO and co-founder, Adresta AG

  • Leonie Flückiger, CTO, Adresta

    «Swisscom's blockchain solution is convincing because it is simple and yet guarantees a high level of security. The potential of the technology lies in the fact that the verification of all documents in a contract process can be carried out automatically.»

    Giovanni Borrelli, Managing Director and Founder, Collecta AG

Digitise your business processes

Do you wish to digitise your business processes? The Swisscom holding company ajila enables businesses to digitalise their forms, contract agreements and signatures, making paper forms and inflexible PDFs a thing of the past.

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