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Forgery protection of electronic debt collection statements

Collecta develops software for the electronic handling of the debt collection process and everything that goes with it. With the platform, it now offers electronic debt collection statements with the blockchain seal. This allows the recipient to check the authenticity of the statement with just a few clicks. In the following interview, Collecta CEO and founder Giovanni Borrelli explains why this service is so important.
Anja Piegai
Anja Piegai, Marketing Lead
18 November 2021

Whether you are looking for a flat or applying for a mortgage, in Switzerland you have to present a debt collection statement. In most cases, a copy is no longer accepted because it can be easily forged. This is not the case with the electronic debt collection statement from, which is provided with an electronic, blockchain-based seal. This guarantees that the recipient is protected from forgery.

Giovanni Borrelli talks to Anja Piegai about the advantages of verifiable debt collection statements.

What is Collecta's mission and what are your goals?

Collecta develops software for the electronic handling of the debt collection process as well as the upstream and downstream processes, for example dunning or the management of certificates of unpaid debts. The aim is to automate and simplify these processes and to handle them online. We enable private individuals as well as companies to obtain a debt collection statement electronically or to initiate a debt collection online.



As part of its e-government strategy, the government has created "eSchKG", a transmission platform for debt collection offices. We offer the connection to "eSchKG" on the company side with a cloud solution that can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the customer. Our claim is to be innovative and at the forefront of technology. That is why we are in a lively exchange with customers, municipalities, cities, the "eSchKG" developer group, partners, etc.

Which customer needs do you currently cover?


Our clients want inexpensive, efficient and secure processes. We meet this need in debt collection. Our clients can handle the entire debt collection process electronically, automatically and in connection with their existing system.


For private individuals and SMEs, we offer an online platform through which debt collection statements can be obtained or individual debt collections can be processed - cheaply and easily, without a debt collection agency. On the corporate side, we provide Collecta eSchKG-Services, a software solution to handle the entire debt collection process electronically.

Since September, you have been offering debt collection statements with the blockchain seal as a new service. What does this service include and what advantages does it offer customers?

Debt collection statements can be obtained electronically via Verifiability is a prerequisite today, as debt collection statements are also falsified. That is why recipients such as real estate companies or banks systematically check the statements. Swisscom's blockchain solution simplifies this process. The recipient of a sealed statement can check the authenticity with just a few clicks.

«There is a high level of trust in our sealed debt collection statements, as Swisscom is a trustworthy provider behind this electronic seal.»

Likewise, the acceptance of a digital statement increases, as Swisscom and Swiss Post guarantee additional security as operators of the blockchain cloud.

Will the debt collection statement still be available on paper? Can it be verified in the same way as the digital statement?

Yes, the statements from are delivered in pdf format and can be printed out at any time. In addition to blockchain technology, our statements also have a verification code which can be checked via our website.

Who can verify the debt collection statement?

Any recipient of a debt collection order.

Why is the security provided by a blockchain seal so important?

The technology is forward-looking. When an independent third party confirms a document, trust is increased. This is particularly the case with Swisscom, as its credibility - due to the Confederation's majority shareholding - remains high.

How did the collaboration with Swisscom Blockchain come about?

We are very innovative with the Zug debt collection office. And so it was also the city of Zug that approached us and suggested using blockchain technology. All customers of a debt collection statement, both at the City of Zug and at, now benefit from this.

Are there similar offers in Switzerland and how do you distinguish yourself from them?

We are the first providers of blockchain-sealed debt collection statements. But offers much more than just statements. Our offer covers the entire process of debt management: from reminders, credit checks and debt collection to certificates of unpaid debts. The entire process is electronic and automated, both for private individuals and SMEs. Moreover, no platform offers so much knowledge free of charge.

What plans do you have for the future? 

We attach great importance to usability and automation as well as a good cost-value ratio for our customers. Our future offers will also go in this direction. 



Collecta AG, founded in 2002, is a software and service provider for digitalised debt collection. On the one hand, it operates the platform, which provides automated services such as obtaining debt collection statements or electronic debt collection for private individuals and SMEs. On the other hand, Collecta also covers large institutions such as hospitals, banks, cities or cantons with its debt collection software Collecta eSchKG-Services.

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About Giovanni Borrelli

Giovanni Borrelli has been Managing Director and main shareholder of Collecta AG since 2007. Before that, he worked as an entrepreneur and consultant for over 20 years. The focus of his work was IT consulting for accounting as well as corporate development and restructuring. Giovanni Borrelli holds a federal diploma in accounting and controlling.