Swiss Trust Chain

With the Swiss Trust Chain, we provide a highly secure infrastructure for blockchain applications, enabling sensitive business processes to be handled in a secure and traceable manner. As certified provider we provide you with swift and simple access to Switzerland’s largest private infrastructure for blockchain applications.

Certified provider

We operate the Swiss Trust Chain in our certified data centres, alongside partners including Swiss Post.

Swisscom’s Wankdorf data centre ranks among the most secure and modern data centres in Switzerland
Swiss Post


As a Swisscom Blockchain customer, you will benefit from the following features with the Swiss Trust Chain.

Hyperledger Fabric

Managed Services

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Lukas Hohl

Lukas Hohl



As a decentralised, dedicated cloud network in Swisscom and Swiss Post's data centres, the Swiss Trust Chain offers the highest degree of security. All of your data remains in Switzerland.


As a private blockchain of identified users, the Swiss Trust Chain offers more efficient agreement procedures. This increases security and performance while reducing energy consumption.


Behind the Swiss Trust Chain are two companies who enjoy a high degree of trust and stand for reliability and dependability thanks to their corporate governance.

  • Peter Schnürer, CEO daura

    “With the Swiss Trust Chain, our customers benefit from a DLT infrastructure that ensures that their data remains in trusted Swiss data centres.”

    Peter Schnürer, CEO daura

  • Matthias Egli, Co-CEO & Sales Ormera

    “Thanks to the Swiss Trust Chain from Swisscom and Swiss Post, we are able to offer completely automated energy billing that is transparent and keeps data secure at all times.”

    Matthias Egli, Co-CEO & Sales Ormera

  • Titus Fleck, Stv. Geschäftsführer KSD Schaffhausen

    “The blockchain pilot project with Swisscom has given us the opportunity to test future applications for the Schaffhausen e-government solution.”

    Titus Fleck, Stv. Geschäftsführer KSD Schaffhausen

  • Stephan Meyer, Co-Founder FQX

    “eNotes facilitate cross-border corporate financial management – and thanks to the Swiss Trust Chain, it is completely flexible and highly secure.”

    Stephan Meyer, Co-Founder FQX

Would you like to know more?

Prices for using the Swiss Trust Chain are calculated on the basis of the size and complexity of your blockchain application. Please contact us for a non-binding offer.

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