Andreas Weibel

COO / Head of Network, IT & Operations


«Go your own way and don't be restricted by other people’s thinking»

His heart beats a little faster when it comes to anything to do with progress and technology. The latest fitness armband measures his pulse when he exercises.

Always one step ahead

He is eager to learn about technology, which keeps him one step ahead of the pack. As soon as there’s a new tool on the market, Andreas Weibel (*1980) wants to play with it. As a creative lead in the team, he tackles even the most difficult tasks with pragmatic solutions that work. His enduring fascination for technology and innovation is matched only by his dream of doing up an old VW T1 Samba bus and touring around Switzerland and Europe. “And then I'd convert it into an event bus,” he says – already moving on to the next big idea.

A sporty type who likes to tinker

Regular sporting activities provide balance after the tricky, mental tasks of his daily work. Sport keeps Andreas Weibel grounded. You’ll find him skiing, jogging, playing football or mountain biking and he even ventures out onto the ice – equipped with ice skates and a hockey stick. Meeting up with family and friends is also important to him. But how does he switch off? «I just lie in a hammock with my headphones on and dream of solving impossible tasks.»


Andreas Weibel
COO / Head of Network, IT & Operations


born 1980 in Bern



Executive MBA specialising in General Management
Technical college degree in telematics technology


Career path

Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, Head of Production Management Customer Field Service
Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, Head of Dispatching & Planning Residential Customer Field Service
Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, Team Leader and Deputy Head of Customer Field Service North & South Residential Customer Field Service