Christoph Schumacher

CFO / Head of Management Services


«I’d rather eat pizza cold than not at all»

The greater the overview, the better. Ideally, Schumacher would like to live in a space capsule orbiting the earth.

Above and beyond

Always focused on the bigger picture, Christoph Schumacher (*1974) would jump at the opportunity to travel into space. ‘From space, I could see our beautiful blue planet in all its glory. I’d also really like to experience zero gravity. You get a similar feeling underwater, which is what I’ve always enjoyed about diving,’ he says. Professionally, he feels at home wherever he is because he always stays well on top of things.

Tablet and pizza to go

He never goes anywhere without his tablet. If he had to spend the rest of his life on a desert island, he’d have organised wireless internet and a satellite connection within hours. ‘If I didn’t have contact with other people, I’d soon start talking to a volleyball like Tom Hanks in Cast Away,’ he says. Pretty soon, the island would also boast its own pizza oven – because if there’s no pizza, there’s no Schumacher. ‘I’d rather eat pizza cold than not at all.’ When he’s older, he would like to drive along Route 66 from Chicago to California on a big Harley. There are apparently 27 pizza restaurants along the way.


Christoph Schumacher
Head of Management Services


Born in 1974 in Bern



Business Studies, School of Economics and Business Administration (HWV)


Previous positions

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Business Consultant

Ascom Powerline AG, Controller/CFO

Swisscom Immobilien AG, Director of Reporting & Controlling