Dominik Müller



«Challenges make life interesting!»

A man for whom sleep is overrated and achieving the impossible a hobby.

A passion for technology

This man is always on the go. Dominik Müller (born in 1974) is Head of Infrastructure and Operations at Swisscom Broadcast and asserts that he needs «less sleep than others». As a trained engineer, he always knows which transmitter masts are currently transmitting video and audio signals through the ether and with what frequencies.



If he didn’t work at Swisscom Broadcast, he would be in his garage making an ultrasonic helicopter. «It might be practically impossible, but I would relish the challenge,» he explains.

Himalayan dream

He is fascinated by the physics of the impossible. One day, he has set himself the goal of getting a helicopter licence and flying to the Himalayas. He finds it exhilarating that, «In the thin air, you are pushing the machine to its physical limits.» He has no fear of crashing.


To unwind, he listens to AC/DC, U2 or Gotthard. «When I am alone in the office, I turn the DAB radio up loud, » he comments. There are times, however, when peace and quiet are important. At such times, he will hop into the camper with his wife and two children and head for the mountains or even Scandinavia. «Being surrounded by the magnificent fjords and glaciers completely relaxes me, » he explains.


Dominik Müller


Born 1974 in Bern



Bachelor’s in Elec. Engineering, University of Applied Sciences, Biel/Bienne

MBA in Business Economics and Corporate Management, Bern UAS

EMBA General Management, Bern


Previous positions

Ascom Transmission Ltd, Line Systems Product Manager

KEYMILE Ltd, Director of Product Management & Product Support

Swisscom Broadcast, Head of Product Management

Swisscom Broadcast, COO – Head of Network, IT & Operations