• Dominik Müller

    Dominik Müller


    «Challenges make life interesting.»

  • Olivier Anthamatten

    Olivier Anthamatten

    Head of Business Development

    «My favourite gadgets are pocket knives and mobile phones.»

  • Emanuel Jungo

    Emanuel Jungo

    Head of Marketing & Sales

    «You need an inquisitive mind and bold approach to discover life’s true treasures.»

  • Christoph Schumacher

    Christoph Schumacher

    CFO / Head of Management Services

    «From space, I'd be able to see our planet in all its glory.»

  • Andreas Weibel

    Andreas Weibel

    COO / Head of Network, IT & Operations

    «Go your own way and don't be restricted by other people’s thinking.»