Olivier Anthamatten

Head of Business Development


«My favourite gadgets are pocket knives and mobile phones»

He is the ‘MacGyver’ of Swisscom Broadcast. To him, there are no problems – only solutions.

Ironing out the kinks

He’s the go-to man for sticky situations. Even the knottiest tangle of cables and wires is no match for Olivier Anthamatten (*1966). He needs just two things to unravel it: a mobile phone and a pocket knife. Armed with his pocket knife, he could survive in the wilderness without a worry. With his phone at his side, he can direct Swisscom Broadcast’s success from anywhere in the world. ‘Sometimes, after I get home, I sit in the car for a good half hour making phone calls. The kids wonder what Dad is still doing in the car and they come out and make faces at me through the windscreen,’ he says.

On top of the world

To counterbalance his work life, Anthamatten enjoys jogging around Valais. But he never seems to have enough free time to make all his dreams come true. What he’d like most is a prolonged stay on a desert island. ‘Then I could read all the books I’ve been meaning to read,’ he says. Maybe he’ll make it happen after he retires. Then he could finally climb the Matterhorn with his children and celebrate life on the summit.


Olivier Anthamatten
Head of Strategic Projects


Born in 1966 in Sierre



Degree in Microengineering, ETH Lausanne


Previous positions

ETH Lausanne

Ascom Tech

Swisscom Fixnet International Carrier Services