Transmitter sites

Guided tours and meeting room

Visit the heart of the transmission tower

What does it take to get music into the radio? Pay a visit to one of our transmission towers at Bantiger, Mont-Pèlerin, Uetliberg or St. Chrischona. You can book a one-hour guided tour at any of these four transmission towers, giving you first-hand insights into how radio signals are processed and transmitted. Discover the role played by the directional antenna in building a secure independent network. And enjoy the stunning view from the very top.


The sites at Bantiger and St. Chrischona are wheelchair accessible. Please see «Guided tours and meeting room» below for further details.

Your meeting among the clouds

Some transmitter locations provide rooms for meetings and events. Equipped with projectors and flip charts, we offer you a room with a view 150 metres above ground that will enthral your guests.

All transmitter sites at a glance

The interactive location map shows you the site, coordinates, height above sea level and the tower height of our 450 transmitters.


Map of all sites


From castles to watchtowers, from signals to transmission towers. Delve into Swiss history on this impressive mountain. During the World Cup in Switzerland in 1954 matches were transmitted live for the first time in Europe. Back then, the signal was sent by radio relay via the Bantiger and Jungfraujoch. The Bantiger also offers a stunning view of the Mittelland.

Mont Pèlerin

This transmission tower looks out over Lake Geneva and the canton of Valais. A beautiful vista that is perfect for letting your thoughts wander.

St. Chrischona

At 250 metres high, it is Switzerland’s highest transmission tower – or is landmark a more fitting term? At any rate its meeting room at 150 metres above the ground is ideal for talks with high targets.


Close enough to Zurich to spot people scurrying around the city, yet high enough to offer a breathtaking view over Lake Zurich and the Glarus Alps. You won’t want to come back down to earth.

Live images from radio masts

Many of our masts are in areas around Switzerland that aren’t particularly easy to access but enjoy spectacular views. We’ve fitted some of our transmitter masts with webcams so that you can enjoy the magnificent views from your own home.


Treat yourself to some time out and gaze at distant horizons – it’s easy with our webcams: