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Reference: Swisscom Schweiz

Reference Swisscom Switzerland

Air instead of glass and copper

As the centre of excellence for microwave radio transmission, Swisscom Broadcast develops and operates microwave radio transmission networks on behalf of Swisscom (Switzerland) AG. We occupy from detailed project planning and coordination with public authorities and BAKOM (Federal Office of Communications) through to the construction, operation and maintenance of the network.

Daniel Riedo is a Domain Manager and Access Senior Planner at Swisscom (Switzerland) AG. He explains why Swisscom Broadcast is the right choice when it comes to microwave radio transmission.

Where and how does Swisscom (Switzerland) AG currently operate microwave radio transmission connections?

We use them to develop basis stations for mobile networks and remote centres for landlines. Microwave radio transmission represents an affordable alternative to glass in mountainous regions and we use it for telephony development outside built-up areas as part of our basic service.

Why did Swisscom (Switzerland) AG choose to work with Swisscom Broadcast?

It has an in-depth knowledge of microwave radio transmission and offers a 24-hour service; it is also the only company that can ensure a nationwide coverage.

Which Swisscom Broadcast services does Swisscom (Switzerland) AG currently use?

Swisscom Broadcast does everything from the construction and renovation to the operation and removal.