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Reference Rega

A secure network for air rescue

Swisscom Broadcast carried out a complete overhaul of Rega’s radio network in 2013. In less than a year, Switzerland’s flying lifesaver was the proud owner of a cutting-edge communication system.

The helicopters of Rega, Switzerland’s air rescue service, are known universally as the ‘ambulances of the air’. To ensure they always land precisely at the scene of the accident, Rega operates its own radio network consisting of 42 permanent stations and two central servers. Swisscom Broadcast took less than a year to completely upgrade this system in 2013, replacing it with REMICO (Rega Mission Control).


REMICO makes it possible to send mission coordinates from the control centre into the helicopter’s flight management system at the push of a button. With this new control system, communication, organisation and action can be coordinated using a single tool.

Field Forces maintenance

Swisscom Broadcast has all the necessary components required for any post-installation repair and maintenance work. If a component breaks, the Field Forces – our on-site technicians – can quickly intervene to repair the damage. The Field Forces team is also responsible for the maintenance of all equipment.