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Digital radio for German-speaking Switzerland

Swisscom Broadcast operates a comprehensive DAB+ network for SwissMediaCast AG. Yet another satisfied customer.

In October 2009, work began on the construction of Audio Layer II in German-speaking Switzerland. SwissMediaCast AG was established for this purpose. Swisscom Broadcast oversaw the planning and implementation of the network  and today operates a comprehensive DAB+ network in German-speaking Switzerland.


Rolf Schurter, CEO, SwissMediaCast AG

Rolf Schurter talks about the decision to work with Swisscom Broadcast.

What was your impression of Swisscom Broadcast during the construction of Audio Layer II?

We were very enthusiastic about taking on this project, but also had a great deal of respect for the task at hand. We were looking forward to seeing how it would develop. It was all uncharted territory for us, from the construction through to the acquisition of the broadcasters. The shareholders also had great expectations and there was a certain degree of scepticism in relation to the new technology. So I was all the more grateful for the exceptional support and expertise provided by Swisscom Broadcast. The team did an outstanding job.

Why did SwissMediaCast AG decide to work with Swisscom Broadcast?

For years, Swisscom Broadcast has had ideal antenna sites, which are particularly well suited to radio networks. Swiss Broadcast also has an excellent professional track record. It produces very high quality networks.

Swisscom Broadcast made SwissMediaCast AG an offer for the construction of the network that included advance financing. Did this play a major role in influencing your decision?

Yes. Swisscom Broadcast offered us a very favourable service contract in close collaboration with SRG. Its model meant that our ‘small’ business didn’t have to invest several million francs and enabled us to avoid difficult negotiations with banks, which was particularly helpful.

Does Swisscom Broadcast meet your expectations in relation to the transmission of your programmes?

Yes – the longer we work together with it , the more confident we are that we made the right decision.

What are the stand-out features of Swisscom Broadcast’s services?

We can always contact our Key Account Manager. He is highly professional and forwards our enquiries to the right people. Our experience of working alongside members of the Swisscom Broadcast project team has also been very positive.

What do you think the future holds for DAB+?

DAB+ will replace VHF. First, the sound and reception quality is better; second, DAB+ is more affordable; and, third, the new technology is much more energy efficient than VHF. Development efforts in the near future will probably focus on the implementation of additional services. This will allow broadcasters to transmit all kinds of textual and visual information to radio.

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