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  • Intelligent video security and analytics solutions

Diverse requirements – unique solutions


In recent years Swisscom Broadcast has been specialising in video security and analytics solutions for business customers. We tailor our service to your needs and circumstances, giving you a customised solution with a comprehensive service package. You benefit from our highly specialised know-how and long-standing experience in the solutions business and in running critical infrastructures.


For the safety of fans and players, stadium operators will be required to monitor the spectator area and entrances with high-definition video cameras in the future. Thanks to new multifocal sensor technology, surveillance is becoming easier and more efficient: larger areas can be displayed in high definition using fewer cameras, allowing troublemakers to be identified more quickly and clearly identified using the latest face recognition technology.


Retail trade

Video surveillance and analytics solution requirements in the retail trade are highly complex The systems have to guard against theft, burglary and vandalism while also enhancing customer, staff and proprietor safety. Where there is damage, they must provide conclusive photographic evidence. Our video analysis systems can also be used for marketing purposes: collecting customer frequencies, measuring length of stay and recognizing customer profiles that help to optimise staff planning and store area use.


Video surveillance solutions help casinos to comply with statutory security requirements. Even in poor lighting conditions, modern video cameras provide high fidelity images of the entrances and gaming floors. The recordings are archived and can be handed over to the responsible authorities in the event of any investigation.


Banks attach first priority to employee and customer safety and video security solutions provide them with indispensable services. In the case of a crime being committed, certified recording systems support the authorities in their investigations and presentation of evidence in court. High definition video cameras record the flow of persons, so individuals can be recognized and also identified at a later date.

Emergency and rescue services

Intelligent video systems support the work of the emergency and rescue services, allowing them to act in a swift and targeted manner. Emergencies can be identified immediately and dealt with quickly. Temporary or permanent video surveillance solutions help to protect public areas and buildings and provide added security for large-scale events. The latest video technology also permits the swifter investigation of criminal offences.


State-of-the-art traffic surveillance solutions provide support in a variety of areas. Traffic hazards, such as a car driving on the wrong side of the road or animals or objects on the road, can be identified quickly and swift action taken. They also allow for the early detection of traffic congestion in known trouble spots, helping to prevent traffic jams through the implementation of timely traffic diversions.


The variety of video surveillance system demands is matched only by the diversity of our temporary solutions for events. Aside from video-aided access control and people identification they also offer traditional perimeter protection. They can prevent or detect littering and vandalism and also evaluate people flow and usage statistics.

Video surveillance as service

Innovations in IP-based technologies are exceptionally fast-paced. So it pays to choose the right time to invest in your own video surveillance system. The other option is to choose a custom service model, giving you the benefit of the latest developments, without having to make any investment yourself. Together with us, you define the requirements your solution has to fulfil and we take care of the planning, construction and finance. We also take responsibility for reliable operation and implementation of the latest technology, giving you complete security and peace of mind.

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