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The Cantonal Office for School and Career Guidance organises several major events with Zoon each year. At the "Nuit de l'apprentissage", young people can find out about careers from over 120 companies at 4 different locations and register for individual interviews. Thanks to Zoon, registration and communication can be simplified for the entire event with over 3,000 visitors. The wide range of registration options is clearly presented in a separate event library. Thanks to the central event platform, the event managers always have an overview of the number of registrations, available dates and can manage the entire communication for the event in no time at all. For these and other events, the canton of Vaud has the following advantages:

Better control for event managers
Thanks to event dashboards, event managers always have an overview and can create added value through detailed evaluations.

Higher productivity 
Productivity can be increased by up to 80% through automation along the event experience chain.

Simplified event experience 
A seamless experience and simplified event participation for visitors. Reduction of complexity for event managers.

About the Canton of Vaud (OCOSP)

The Cantonal Office of Educational and Vocational Guidance (OCOSP) has the mandate to promote the vocational integration and employability of all persons. Its information services are aimed at pupils and their families, young people in transitional or training situations and adults.

A digital event ecosystem

Events are unique. The requirements for event management software are often just as unique. Some events require a quota, others a personal invitation and still others are only accessible against payment. The event management software Zoon has been specially developed for different types of events and requirements - only in this way can an organisation map its entire event ecosystem on one platform and thus increase overall efficiency.

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