Event Check-in

Reduce waiting times at the entrance with our automated check-in solution. Use personalised e-tickets and event badges for efficient event management.

Event Check-in

Mobile check-in app for hustle-free entry

QR code scanning

Real-time reporting

Offline and online function

Event check-in with mobile app

Check-in with mobile app 

Check your participants’ tickets by scanning QR codes at the event entrance. Use the Zoon check-in app independently and keep track of the guests present at all times. 

  • Download mobile app and scan QR code 
  • Check in guests quickly and easily 
  • Keep an overview while on the move 

Use personalised tickets as event badges 

Use printed e-tickets as badges for your event. Reduce waiting times at the entrance by having participants print out their e-tickets before the event. 
  • Activate personalised e-tickets as badges 
  • Integrate the event logo 
  • Reduce the time spent at the event entrance 
Personalised e-tickets
Check-in with list of participants

Check-in using a participant list 

Use the manual check-in option for participants of smaller events – either directly in the Zoon administration area or with the Zoon check-in app. 

  • Manage permissions 
  • Maintain online participant list 
  • Quick search and filter functions 

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