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Choosing the right event management software - this is what you have to pay attention to!

Event marketing is an important part of the marketing mix for many companies. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, 54% of companies in the B2B environment say they get a higher ROI from events than from other forms of marketing.

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However, existing solutions within a company often do not meet the requirements of professional event marketing. In the course of automating business processes through digital solutions, the use of professional event management software is therefore increasingly being considered. For this reason, we have developed a template to support companies in their search for suitable event management software.

Save time by using our template for the evaluation of an event management software.

The central questions at the beginning

Before you start looking for a solution, you should answer the following key questions:

  • What are the company's event marketing activities?
  • What types of events should be professionalised?
  • What problems and challenges do event managers face today?
  • What are the main goals to be achieved with the purchase of an event management software?
  • Should the solution only cover external events, or can internal events also benefit from centralisation and time savings?
  • What is the quantity structure in terms of number of events and number of participants?
  • Who should be the main users of the system?
  • What is the typical event process today from the point of view of event managers and participants?
  • Which existing peripheral systems should be connected to the solution?
  • What are the general internal requirements for software solutions?

Developing the answers requires an initial investment of time, but on the one hand it helps to select the right solution and on the other hand it helps to potentially scale the solution within an entire organisation.

The most important contents of the software evaluation

In general, the catalogue of requirements can be divided into the following structure.

Definition of the requirement criteria

At the beginning, the measurement criteria of the requirements should be defined. A classification of the requirements according to "must, should, can" as well as a scale of the degree of fulfilment according to "0 not fulfilled to 3 completely fulfilled" is suitable.

Initial situation & objective

The answers developed from the questions mentioned above are listed in the section Starting position and objectives transparent for the provider.

General supplier information

Transparent provider information helps to compare providers according to objective criteria. This point is often supplemented by internal regulations regarding minimum size or sustainability criteria.

Functional requirements

The functional requirements for event management software vary from organisation to organisation. If event management software is not yet in use, the functional requirements can become a challenge. The template provides guidance for the most important, basic functionalities.

Non-functional requirements

In the non-functional requirements, points such as availability, data protection or support services are defined.

Tips for the selection of providers

Once the catalogue of requirements has been defined, it is important to find suitable providers and to set a time frame for responding to the requirements. For the final selection, a maximum of 1-3 providers should be selected. The following tips should help you to find the right provider for your organisation.

Request test access

Request a trial access and test the solution in a demo or test environment for usability and comprehensibility.

Mapping real use cases

Map a real application scenario of an example event and check the solution against the defined criteria.

Start small

There are always software projects that fail because of their size and complexity. Before the actual integration into the overall system of a company, we recommend a step-by-step approach by using the solution for a one-off event, for example.

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