Live streaming integration for virtual and hybrid events

Increase the reach of your event. Broadcast your virtual event with integrated live streaming technology.

Live streaming integration for events

Make your digital event accessible to your target group worldwide

Digital events in your own branding

Participation without download

Retain data control

Livestream an event on different devices

Create live-stream events with your own branding 

Use your own branding for live-stream events. Set up your agenda, speakers and other event information clearly on one platform. Offer participants easy, secure access to your digital events. 

  • Create an event website 
  • Brand online content 
  • Provide a seamless event experience 

Configure single or multiple sessions 

From simple webinars to multi-day conference events, Zoon offers ways to map flexible event structures – whether sessions are virtual or live on-site. 
  • Provide multiple streaming options 
  • Set up subpages for streaming content 
  • Combine virtual and physical sessions 
Multiple event sessions
Adding a streaming link

Provide integrated streaming links 

Choose between integrated streaming experiences or video links to third-party solutions. Deliver live and on-demand content to your audience.

  • Choose between different streaming sources 
  • Create an integrated streaming experience 
  • Provide live and on-demand content 

Broadcast live events

Broadcast your digital event directly to the live event website – wherever your participants are located. Provide easy access to the live event with a personalised dial-in link and no need for downloads.
  • Simplify the user journey with a personalised dial-in link 
  • Go live with an online event 
  • Automatically measure virtual participation 
Event website

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