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For one-off events

Includes 500 registrations
1 event

Event websites

Event campaigns

Event check-in

Virtual & hybrid events

2 administrators

1 e-mail sender address

Online support portal

Price per event

CHF 850.–


For annual usage

Includes 1,000 registrations
Unlimited number of events

Event functions plus:

1 event type

Event library

5,000 e-mails & SMS per month

5 administrators

Price per year

CHF 2,490.–


For medium-sized organisations

Includes 5,000 registrations
Unlimited number of events

Basic functions plus:

3 event types

10,000 e-mails & SMS per month

3 e-mail sender address

10 administrators

Price per year

CHF 8,900.–


For large organisations

Includes 10,000 registrations
Unlimited number of events

Advanced functions plus:

Dedicated cloud

Individual Domain

Single sign-on & Active Directory integration

Unlimited number of administrators

Unlimited event types

Premium support

API integration

Price per year

On request

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Price CHF 850.– per event CHF 2,490.– per year CHF 8,900.– per year on request
Eventy type for one-off events for annual use for medium-sized organisations for large organisations
Included number of registrations 500 1,000 5,000 10,000

Event websites

Number of events 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Own branding

Private & public events

Subevents & Sessions

E-Tickets & Quotas

Flexible registration forms
Agenda, Speakers, Participants, Comments
Online payment options
Waiting lists
Personal link for participants

Virtual & hybrid events

Live streaming integration

Event Countdown

Video on demand integration

Links to external streaming &
video conferencing solutions

Virtual check-in

Event campaigns

Number of e-mail & SMS 5,000 per event 5,000 per month 10,000 per month individual
Own branding

Individual return address
1 1 3 individual
Scheduling campaigns

Event community

Community portal in own branding
Individual categories
Integrated event websites
User generated events
Community functions
User profiles

Event check-in

Mobile check-in app
On- & offline function

E-ticket as badge

Real-time reporting


Number of administrators 2 5 10 unlimited
Multilingualism (DE, EN, FR, IT)

Event Dashboard

Comprehensive rights management
Number of event types
1 3 unlimited

Integration &  Individualisation

Dedicated cloud infrastructure
Advanced Branding Integration
Event-independent campaigns (e-mail & SMS)
Individual domain
Integration of own payment ID
Single sign-on connection
Active direcotry connection
Connection of own e-mail server
Individual API integrations

Support Service

Online Support Portal

Telephone support
SLA for guaranteed availability best effort best effort best effort 99.9% p.A.
Dedicated contact person
Operating aid CHF 150.–/ hr. CHF 150.–/ hr. CHF 150.–/ hr. including
Project manager CHF 180.–/ hr. CHF 180.– / hr. CHF 180.–/ hr. on request

Licence details

Costs for additional registrations from CHF 250.- per 500 registrations from CHF 800.- per 1.000 registrations from CHF 800.- per 1.000 registrations on request
Payment commission (incl. credit card commission) 5% 5% 5% individual
Costs for additional e-mail & SMS CHF 50.– per 5,000 CHF 100.– per 10,000 CHF 100.– per 10,000 individual
One-off set-up costs as required CHF 1,440.– CHF 2,880.– on request



A "registration" means an e-mail address registered in Zoon which has completed a booking process on the platform during the relevant licence period. A registration is a registration or deregistration, but also a deleted booking. A user who visits a corresponding event website without completing the booking process is not considered a "registration". The actual number of registrations is determined after the event or after the licence year has expired.

The minimum term when taking out an annual licence is 12 months. 

It is important to us that you can use the full potential of Zoon from day one. That is why we support you initially with the introduction and configuration of the platform. The one-off set-up costs vary depending on the subscription model you choose. Contact us for more details.

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Marc Blindenbacher

Head of Event Data

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Tel. +41 58 221 43 82

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