More energy efficiency for the
La Dôle transmitter site 

Transmitter location La Dôle provides radio and TV coverage for the Lake Geneva region. Swisscom Broadcast recently installed another photovoltaic plant at the site. This installation supplies energy equivalent to the consumption of 28 average Swiss households.

Bathed in sunshine

La Dôle is situated above Nyon at 1,528 metres above sea level. The transmitter broadcasts analogue (UKW) and digital (DAB+) radio stations as well as digital terrestrial TV channels. It also transmits radio relay and security radio signals for different co-users. The altitude of the location is ideal for the production of solar energy. In October, Swisscom Broadcast commissioned its 18th photovoltaic plant here, which means that it now generates its own energy from solar energy over an area of 626 m2.


The annual production of the La Dôle solar installation is estimated at approximately 115,000 kilowatt hours, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of around 28 average Swiss households. The energy is used directly to power the transmitter. Any surplus is fed into the electrical network of the Romande Energie utility company.

Renovation for improved energy efficiency

The output of modern transmitter technologies is growing while the transmitters themselves require increasingly less space and energy. For environmental and economic reasons, Swisscom Broadcast's renovation of the La Dôle transmitter was completed in multiple stages. In May 2018, the old mast was demolished, and the old installation dismantled. The new operation building and mast were commissioned in autumn 2017. The commissioning of the photovoltaic plant marks the completion of all work.

Open day

To celebrate the successful completion of the renovation, we are inviting local residents and interested parties to an open day on Saturday, 25 May 2019. Please save the date!