Protect yourself from airborne intruders!

Drones are incredibly versatile, transporting packages or helping to find missing persons. They can, however, also present a threat and commit unauthorised invasions of privacy – often by stealth. Swisscom’s Drone Spotter protects you from such aerial attacks.


With Swisscom’s modular Drone Spotter solution, companies, authorities or event organisers can detect, track and monitor the intrusion of drones within a defined protection zone. The use of drones for illegal purposes, such as smuggling, to obtain illicit information or even for targeted attacks, is common. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for security organisations, industry as well as the public and private sector – and especially for critical infrastructures, such as water storage, energy production, data centres, airports or research centres – to be able to detect and defend against drones.


Drone Spotter caters to a range of protection and safety requirements, from a basic drone detection module to the integration of defence equipment. You benefit from the latest technologies and a tailor-made service. Our service meets the requirements of the Swiss U-Space flight information management system for drones.


Counter the growing threat from the airspace with Swisscom’s modular solution for detecting, tracking and monitoring drones. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

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