Improved safety for tunnel refurbishment thanks to video surveillance solution

After 46 years in operation, the Allmend Tunnel on the A6 motorway between Rubigen, Thun and Spiez is undergoing comprehensive refurbishment. To increase safety on the construction site, the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) chose a video surveillance solution from Swisscom Broadcast.

The conditions on site presented specific challenges for the project team and the solution. The tunnel does not have an Internet connection or an equipment room. The CCTV cameras had to be able to withstand all weather conditions, be dust and water-resistant and transmit clear images day and night. Installation points were selected that would require minimal or very straightforward camera repositioning throughout the duration of the refurbishment.


Up to every challenge

Swisscom Broadcast provided an integrated mobile solution that accommodated all of FEDRO’s requirements. No sensitive IT infrastructure is required on the construction site for the operation of our video surveillance solution. At both of the tunnel portals, we have installed two outdoor cameras with infrared illuminators. The cameras are connected to the Video Insider platform in a Swisscom data centre over the Internet via an LTE router for outdoor applications.


Maximum safety – even outside operating hours

The CCTV cameras transmit images to the security company’s 24-hour operations centre. Whenever anyone accesses the construction site, the event is automatically recorded, and an alert is sent to the operations centre. Should a fire occur outside of working hours, for example, the security officers can quickly assess the situation based on these recorded events and inform the emergency services if there are any people or vehicles in the danger zone, and how many.


Personal protection, prevention and investigation

The video surveillance solution offers protection for employees while at the same time helping to prevent theft and vandalism. Should a crime be committed, the high-resolution CCTV image data supports the police with their investigations. Data use and retention are governed by Swiss data protection law and there are clear rules governing access authorisation. The images are recorded in HD quality and stored in a Swisscom data centre in Switzerland.


A reliable partner

Swisscom offers tailor-made video surveillance solutions from a single source. And an individual service. We implement state-of-the-art, efficient technologies and provide a 24/7 service. You benefit from our highly specialised expertise and long-standing experience in the solutions business and in running critical infrastructures.

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