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Drone Spotter – the guardian of your airspace

Protect your business from airborne intruders – with Drone Spotter from Swisscom Broadcast! Get on board now with the Drone Spotter Light starter kit and lay the foundation for a sustainable protection concept offering early detection and defence against drones.


Drones often provide a valuable service. However, they are increasingly deployed for illegal purposes. They can hover silently and covertly above buildings and land in order to gain access to sensitive data and information. Drones can film property and people. They can jam automatic locking systems using spoofing devices and even contaminate buildings with hazardous substances through air conditioning systems. Businesses subject to stringent security requirements, such as chemical, pharmaceutical and research companies, data centers, secondary airports and hospitals, are particularly vulnerable.


Drone Spotter from Swisscom Broadcast makes it easy for you to detect and defend against airborne threats. The entry level module Drone Spotter Light offers an affordable solution for evaluating the airspace and carrying out an initial risk assessment.


Get started now with “Drone Spotter Light” and save up to CHF 200 per month! Until 30 September 2020, the starter kit is just CHF 750 rather than CHF 950 per month. The “Light” module is simple to install and provides periodic reporting of drone activities in a predefined monitoring area. We are happy to provide installation support if required.


We’re there for you

Swisscom Broadcast plans, constructs and operates smart, secure communications solutions for a range of customers, including the emergency and rescue services. Our customers benefit from our highly specialised expertise and long-standing experience in the solutions business and in running critical infrastructures. Our modular protection concept “Drone Spotter – drone recognition and defence” is state of the art and can even recognise drones controlled by mobile phones (4G, 5G).


Take the first step now and customise your protection system later down the line.