Drones may one day be as important for Switzerland as clocks, cheese or chocolate are today. To make this a reality, we need to digitise our airspace. We are contributing to this goal by supporting businesses and public authorities with the development of more efficient and secure drone applications.

Areas of application

There is more to drones than flying and seeing. They can also transport, measure, feel, smell and much more besides. This makes the flying robots an interesting proposition for virtually every sector. Find inspiration and develop your own drone application with us.

Our contribution

Working with our partners, we are paving the way for the secure and efficient use of drones within the Swiss airspace. We have developed our own drone applications to monitor, optimise and maintain our infrastructure, which is how solutions such as Drone Spotter came into being. We have thus gained vast expertise in drone technology, regulation and implementation, which we would love to share with you.


The Swisscom network enables the development of secure, autonomous drone applications. Drones can even be controlled without visual contact and can exchange real-time data with your corporate network.


Swisscom facilitates the design and optimisation of secure drone applications with anonymised movement data and information about network coverage in the skies.


Swisscom supports companies and public authorities with the development of their own drone applications. Working together with Swiss and international drone-ecosystem partners.

“The example of drones highlights the importance of a well-oiled ecosystem of research, start-ups, business and public authorities.”

Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler
Chief Digital Officer Swisscom

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