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Track what matters to you and never lose sight of objects. In cooperation with Miromico, we offer a tracking solution that combines everything from the device to the connectivity, from the cloud to the app.

miro Cargo

miro Tracker

miro Tracker enables Outdoor GPS tracking using LoRaWAN®. Each tracker is individually configured for our trial customers..

miro Cargo

Swisscom network

The solution is based on Swisscom’s LoRaWAN® network. All data is stored and processed in Switzerland.

miro Cargo

Live tracking

The app periodically shows the position of the tracker. You can determine the intervals yourself in the software.

How does the tracker work?

The tracker uses GPS for localisation and sends the coordinates to the app via the Swisscom LoRaWAN® network. Each position is shown on the map.

Funktion Miro Cargo Tracker

  • «We are looking for customers to join us in testing safety and security trackers, which we will launch in the autumn.»

    Klaus Pilz, Senior Business Development Manager, Swisscom Broadcast

  • «With the miro tracker, we offer an end-to-end tracking solution for outdoor applications, where our customers get everything from a single source.»

    Schekeb Fateh, CEO Miromico

Take advantage of our trial offer

An outdoor tracking solution has been ready for you. Gain valuable experience with this trial offer and become a priority customer for our roll-out in autumn 2022.


For the two-month trial period, you’ll receive*:


  • Five miro trackers in a waterproof case.
  • National Swisscom LoRaWAN® - connectivity and secure access to data hosted in Switzerland
  • If the trial is successful, you can bulk-order the device from us

*For a trial fee.

2 Monate Testdauer

2 Monate Testdauer

Your benefits

  • User-friendly app
  • All services from a single source
  • Secure data storage in Switzerland
  • Access to your tracking data via your REST-API
  • Individual branding

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