TV solutions for business customers

Design your own TV service with us and offer your customers a unique TV experience. Whether it is cable, satellite or web-based – we can broadcast your programmes on the media channels you choose. You receive an integrated turn-key solution as a service package – from headend services to broadcasting via cloud or satellite. This means you can reach your customers with top-quality, personalised TV programmes.


Swisscom Broadcast offers you an IP-based TV solution that is tailored to your needs and can be expanded to include hybrid versions (DVB-C + IPTV) for cable networks. Your TV platform features your company design and logo. You receive an integrated turn-key solution from a single source without the need for high investments. Take advantage of innovative technologies, a comprehensive service and numerous additional options: on-screen programme guide listing Replay programmes by topic, unlimited parallel recordings, TV guide with additional info on programmes, digital radio in crystal-clear CD quality and much more.


IPTV for IP-based networks

IPTV is the television of the future. Swisscom Broadcast implements customised IPTV solutions that are integrated into your existing system. Swisscom Broadcast’s comprehensive TV as a Service package ensures end-to-end service, from TV signal delivery and display on the user interface to perfect reception via the set-top box. Choose between 600 national and international channels with additional options, such as up to 1,000 hours of recording capacity. The TV platform features your corporate style and offers your customers unlimited top-quality TV enjoyment.

Hybrid (DVB-C + IPTV) for cable networks

Combine the advantages of cable TV with the benefits of IPTV. As a cable network operator, you can offer your customers a hybrid solution. A large number of live TV channels will still be delivered to customers via your cable network as DVB-C signals. Your customers will also benefit from innovative IPTV features like parallel recording, Live Pause, Replay or reception on mobile devices. Choose between 600 national and international channels with additional options, such as up to 1,000 hours of recording capacity. Your TV service stays unique: it features your design and company logo.

Headend Services

At our headend in Olten we receive hundreds of TV programmes from around the world. We use them to create a high-availability signal package in the correct format and deliver it reliably to the customer location. As a TV provider you can design your own range of programmes with us and offer your customers a wide mix of options: streaming for IPTV, OTT or DVB-C with the corresponding encryption, storage in the cloud or application hosting. You choose the functions you want, and we put together a complete turnkey package – matched to your specific requirements.

Broadcasting TV content

We can provide you with the right setting, whatever TV content you want to offer your customers. You design your own TV channel and choose the content you want to broadcast – with our virtualised playout services from the cloud or via satellite uplink.

Playout services

Become the director of your own TV service with virtualised playout from the cloud. Whether it's a sports programme, a documentary or a commercial – you can create your own TV programme in just a few clicks. Just use the simple tool we provide. You upload your video files to the cloud, and we prepare your programme content digitally for broadcasting in the desired final format (encoding/transcoding). You decide the programme sequence and the transmission time. You also have the option of integrating commercial breaks and graphics, such as your own logo. We make sure that your content is always available for your viewers with no interruptions.

Satellite uplink

As a private TV broadcaster, you can broadcast your TV programmes via satellite. We pick up the TV signal from the studio and encode it. It goes from our headend to a satellite uplink where it is prepared for satellite transmission. Your programmes are listed as a designated TV channel and can be received at the popular satellite position 19.2° East (Astra) throughout Europe. You stay flexible and decide the quality in terms of format and bit rate, with the scope to upgrade from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) at any time. Other options are also available, like encryption or playout with EPG programme data.

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